Summer Plant Care

December 13, 2023
Summer Plant Care

Finally, Summer!

The warmer weather is here and so too are summer dresses, deliciously cool salads, and fruity, fun cocktails. The silly season is all about squeezing as much as you can from the gorgeous sun-filled days. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but your plants also need a little extra TLC during these months. 

Now, we’re not saying your normally chill low maintenance plant is suddenly going to become a drama queen, just that, you’ll need to be a little more hands-on. To help you on your way and to keep your plants happy and healthy, we’ve put together a few care tips for you....

Keep your plants hydrated

With longer, warmer days and a lack of humidity in the air, the water in your pot’s soil is going to evaporate at much faster rates. Thirsty plants will let you know about it too, developing wilted or curled leaves. It’s important to give your plants a deep watering. Too quick of a water or not enough and only the surface will get wet as the rest escapes down the sides of your pot and out the drainage holes. Thoroughly watering your plants ensures water reaches every crevice and encourages roots to grow deep and strong.

Check your plant’s position 

Plants enjoy a bit of sunlight, but too harsh of light can cause your leaves to scorch. Sadly, plant sunscreen isn’t a thing and so you need to consider your plant’s positioning. In the summer months, it may be worth shifting your plants further away from your windows or making sure a sheer curtain or blind is in place to offer protection. This is especially true for those living in north and west-facing windows that catch a large dose of vitamin D. 


Need an extra hand with your plant care? Willow’s plant sensors measure the hard-to-gauge bits – soil moisture, light, temperature, and humidity – and let you know when your plant needs anything.


As great as it is to feel a blast of cool air when stepping back inside our homes, plants aren’t the biggest fan of extreme changes from cold or hot. It may be best to chill on the air conditioner and at the least move your plants out of the direct path of your AC.

Its feeding time

The best time to break out the fertiliser is spring through late summer, as plants are actively growing during these seasons. With the extra sun and warmer days, a quality fertiliser will provide just the energy boost they need for lush, healthy growth. 

Now is the time to repot/potup

As your indoor plants continue to stretch their legs and produce new growth through the warmer months, it’s a good idea to repot. Repotting now when your plant is actively growing and will fill out their new space quicker will reduce the risk of shock. Just remember, not to go too big too soon as many plants prefer to be kept slightly rootbound.