October Member Spotlight

October 12, 2023
October Member Spotlight

Robyn lives in Caroline Springs with her two beautiful fur babies who are great company and a source of constant entertainment. Mother to four grown up children, two live overseas which encourages her to travel regularly. She attends line dancing, tai chi weekly as a form of  regular exercise and to keep her Doctor happy.   She hosts fortnightly dinner parties to share her latest culinary inventions and catch up and chat with friends in a relaxed atmosphere.  Since retirement she volunteers, teaches crotchet and is currently writing a book on Parenting. 

Why did you join Connected Women, and what do you love about being a member?

Make new connections, forge new friendships take part in activities and step outside my comfort zone with new experiences.

What has been your favourite Connected Women memory so far?

There have been several great activities, but the standout is Turkish lamp making class. Brought a beautiful lamp home to finish. Also piqued my curiosity to explore the history of lamp making and I have

since made two more lamps and when I look at them reminds me of a great afternoon.

What is something you are passionate about, and how did you develop that passion?

I am passionate about creating and designing things through crotchet, macrame and painting. I find that these activities convey how I think and feel. I taught myself the art of pot pouring painting during Covid and over time have developed enough confidence to show and display my work.

What title would you give this chapter in your life?

This chapter of my life is knowing my worth and acting accordingly. No settling for less, I know what I deserve.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Believe in yourself unconditionally.

What is someone you admire, and what qualities do they possess that you find inspiring?

My best friend of 25 years. I love that she always knows how to make a day even better than it already is. I love that she takes time to listen when you need to get something off your chest. She emphasis but does not pity. She can sing, she draws, writes brilliant stories. She is loyal, caring, understanding and humble. I am blessed to be able to call her friend.

How do you feel about being in over 50? And how has your perspective of ageing changed over time?

For many years, I thought ageing marked the beginning of a decade of changes and a decline in life. But have found It can feel like a vacation – you can sleep late, catch up with friends, shop, go to the

movies. The ability to turn hobbles into happiness, and to do things you have always wanted to undertake and experience but never had the time.

Robyn Schilders (far right of image) - VIC