December Member Spotlight

December 6, 2023
December Member Spotlight

Joy Antonie lives in Aspendale, Melbourne with a coffee machine, and comfy couch that loves and adores! She runs and owns her very own fabulous tattoo studio, "The Joy Of Ink" in Cheltenham, with her 2 beautiful and exceptionally talented daughters. She loves walks on the beach, is super flexible in yoga, travels to exotic only places, drinks copious amounts of very fine wine, and is an utter foodie in the very best of ways!!  She asked a friend to write this bio, as she wouldn't be so vulgar as to brag and gloat about how very very very talented, exceptional and wonderful she believes her great good self to be.

Why did you join Connected Women, and what do you love about being a member?

I joined connected women because I found that a lot of my friends who are married were not super interested in doing regular catch ups, and my single friends were reasonably unreliable! I felt like I was getting creepily clingy with my daughters...and who wants mum tagging along to 'pres' anyway!! Was starting to feel like the odd woman out...then I found a post by Connected women on Facebook, and thought I'd give it a crack!I was delighted to find women just like me, who were roughly the same vintage, with grown children, and time on their hands to get out and about and enjoy life! And champagne and giggles never hurt anyone!

What has been your favourite Connected Women memory so far?

My favourite event so far was the comedy night with the irrepressible Judith Lucy! So funny! It was great to see so many women there, all laughing, all having a great time! And all the comedians were fabulous!

What's something you've always wanted to learn or try, but haven't yet?

Something I've always wanted to learn/ golf! Yet to get out there and have a swing with the Connected Women group...but it's the one adult sport I'd love to be able to pass at!

What would your younger self not believe about your life today?

My younger self, I think, would be very fact, may not believe that after years of being an illustrator for ad agencies, and doing illustrations for children's books, I ventured into owning/ running and tattooing in my own tattoo studio with my 2 daughters working with me as tattoo artists themselves! I think my younger sassy self would be somewhat impressed, if she dared to believe it true!

How do you feel about being in your midlife, and how has your perspective of ageing changed over time?

Pretty fabulous atm! I'm independent, I have freedom to do what I want, and when I want. I wish I could tell my younger self not to worry so much, enjoy life and really try to love yourself! Age has given great perspective.