Connected Women Adventures FAQ

December 1, 2023
Connected Women Adventures FAQ

Adventurous, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences - just for Connected Women!

When & where are the Connected Women Adventures for 2024? 

Iceland: June 2024

Tour du Mont Blanc: September 2024

Tell me a bit about each adventure?

Tour Mont Blanc

Trek surrounded by stunning Alpine landscapes, stay in charming mountain villages AND cross through 3 countries—France, Italy, and Switzerland! Magnifique! Bellissimo! The Tour du Mont Blanc is a mountain lover’s dream!

What to expect: 

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most famous and beloved long distance hikes (although we will be breaking up the hikes into daily sections) and for good reason! We perfectly planned this highlights of the Tour du Mont Blanc trek so you can enjoy the most spectacular views all day, every day, and spend the evenings enjoying local cuisine and wine and resting in charming refuges, auberges and hotels. Your hiking gear will be transported along the way, so you only need to focus on hiking with your daypack, taking in the views (this trek has VIEWS), and having a heck of a lot of fun! It’s a great match for mountain lovers who are looking for a multi day trek with a side of that cozy Alpine culture! Be sure to thoroughly read the Daily Breakdown and don't worry about the distances if you haven't been on an adventure like this before. We will provide you with the support you need and guidance on how to best prepare once you secure your spot.

For the full itinerary & pricing:

Iceland (experience the legendary land of fire & ice)

What are real adventures made of? Fire and ice and everything nice! From majestic waterfalls, to the lava fields of Thórsmörk, to the wildlife of the Westman Islands, this Women-Powered Iceland Adventure will take you off the beaten path to the most special and magical parts of the Land of Fire and Ice!

What to expect: 

Our Iceland Adventure will take you off the beaten path and far beyond the Golden Circle to show you that some of Iceland’s best kept secrets have to be reached by foot (or boat)! From waterfalls, to geothermal pools, to volcanoes, to glaciers - we’ll get up close and personal with all of them! This is a great trip for anyone with a big sense of adventure who’s always up to hike for an epic view. While the days can be long, and the Icelandic weather will keep us on our toes, you’ll have several chances to relax and recharge in the rooftop hot tub at Base Camp in the evenings. Please read the Daily Breakdown for the full scoop on  what to expect on this adventure.

For the full itinerary & pricing of our Iceland adventure:

Who is Operating The Tours? 

Our travel partner, WHOA Travel is our on-the-ground expert travel partner. They have over 10 years knowledge and experience in their adventures, a female guide for each trip (specifically trained in the local area) and a GAL for each trip (group adventure leader trained in facilitating the tour….aka: making sure everyone feels confident + has an incredibly fun time).

Here are the values of WHOA Travel (once you read them you’ll understand why they were an easy YES to choose as our travel partners). 

  • We’re an inclusive community that knows we are stronger and unstoppable TOGETHER. We lift each other up & celebrate our differences. We do more than climb mountains—we move them!
  • We’re woman powered and we empower women. Working with female guides & business owners around the world creates a ripple effect that strengthens communities & brightens the future for all of us.
  • All of our partners are small grassroots organisations just like us. Supporting local keeps resources directly where they belong, & creates more meaningful, authentic connections for everyone!

What makes travelling with WHOA & Connected Women different?

When you travel with Connected Women, you’re getting a life changing travel experience that will help you step far outside of your comfort zone. Sharing these adventures with like-minded women from around Australia creates an energy that’s unstoppable -- something that's invaluable when you’re taking on an epic trek like Kilimanjaro or paragliding over the Bavarian Alps! (It also makes everything exponentially more fun!) You’ll find that after a Connected Women adventure, you’ll leave with a new perspective on the world, sense of self, and crew of awesome, life-long friends.

On top of that, we’re all about combining our passion for adventure with compassion, and do this by connecting with local women and their causes everywhere we go. Supporting women is at the heart and soul of what we do, and it's what makes the WHOA experience so much more meaningful for everyone involved. We take lots of care to ensure that wherever we are in the world we are offering safe, authentic, sustainable experiences. When you travel with WHOA, you can rest easy knowing that our itineraries and partners have been vetted and adhere to our high WHOA standards. Through our passionate, knowledgeable local guides and partners you’ll get to see and understand a new part of the world with an insider’s POV, while also being a responsible traveller and supporting the local community.

Will these be private Connected Women trips or will it be open to the public?

Connected Women Adventures are exclusive trips organised just for our vibrant midlife community. We are serious about creating safe spaces and experiences so you can make new friends and enjoy yourself in a judgement free space where you can just be YOU. Plus the energy and support system that is created when we’re together is incredibly unique and powerful. You know how great and recharged you feel after a night out with your girlfriends? The silliness, the laughter, the dance parties, the empathy and the heart-to-heart conversations? Well, that’s the vibe you can expect on a Connected Women Adventure. 

Can I go by myself? 

Of course! In fact, most of our adventures are a spilt of solo travellers and small groups of friends. WHOA adventures are a great way to meet other awesome like-minded women! We’ll match you up with another solo adventurer to share a room, or if you prefer to stay on your own, we can work something out too. Just let us know ahead of time.

What types of women go on Connected Women Adventures? 

Single ladies, wives, mothers, sisters, photographers, writers, doctors, students, body builders, empty-nesters, bartenders, yogis, east coasters, west coasters…you get the idea, right? We’re less of a specific demographic and more of a mindset. We’re the type of women that don’t fit into a specific box -- we’re an eclectic group of strong, curious and adventurous women!

How many people are on each Connected Women Adventures? 

It totally depends on the adventure. There's a sweet spot in group travel depending on the itinerary and location, and we pride ourselves on offering adventures that have the right size to create an intimate group dynamic for the challenge at hand. For our upcoming 2024 trips the maximum numbers are 13 for Iceland and 12 for Mont Blanc. 

What if I have never done an “adventure trip” before? 

There’s no time better than the present to step out of your comfort zone!  We love taking women on their maiden adventure and we can work with you to make sure you are comfortable and prepared for whatever you take on. Our travel partners, WHOA Travel, have taken women from 17 years old to 77 years young on their epic adventures and are equipped to support you to get prepared and ready before the trip. 

How will I prepare for the trips? 

Great question! In the lead up to your trip, we will have 3 virtual calls with your female tour guide and Alice (team member at Connected Women). The calls will cover what to pack and what to know before you go. Also, Alice happens to also run weekly & monthly hikes in Perth with her hiking community (Women Hike) and is offering our members to join the free & friendly walks to be prepared & ready for the trip. If you're not in Perth, don't worry! We have a few other free hiking communities around Australia that we will connect you with.

What is included in the price? Airfare? 

Airfare is not included in the price, BUT under most circumstances all your ground transfers upon arrival are on us. All other inclusions/exclusions are linked and outlined on the adventure pages. We design our itineraries to give you the right balance of authentic, must-do experiences, while also giving you the freedom to explore independently. We encourage you to take advantage of the location and take a few days before or after our adventure to travel the region on your own. We can help you extend your stay and give recommendations of things to do and see nearby, so just let us know and we’ll help you out!

I’ve heard about the recent volcanic activity in Iceland. What does this mean for a 2024 trip there? 

Our travel parters, WHOA Travel, will always be able to amend the itinerary should the Blue Lagoon in Iceland be shut (or anything else in the itinerary ever be disrupted by any natural phenomena or weather). Shifting and adjusting plans (especially in Iceland) is the name of the game. For example, there is a secret lagoon you could visit instead if the lagoon was shut, and of course the Sky Lagoon is planned in the itinerary too which is absolutely M A G I C! 

What happens after a Connected Women adventure? 

A Connected Women Adventure is incredibly unique and special.  We pride ourselves on the built in camaraderie you feel from the moment you decide to go (we have some pre-trip conference calls to make sure you know what to pack and who will be on the trip with you).  We all quickly become friends, and that friendship is what we believe makes our journeys so successful!  You can bet that the bonds and friendships formed on a Connected Women Adventure will continue to flourish and grow long after the adventure itself.  After a Connected Women Adventure, our community sticks together (thanks to our Connected Women community and social media, it's easy to stay in touch, share photos, memories, and plan future travel together!).  

Ok, I'm ready for an adventure of a lifetime! How do I book?

Head to the events page on our website to choose the Iceland or Tour du Mont Blanc trip (which details the full itinerary, pricing & more) and choose your payment option (you can choose to pay in full or pay the deposit).

For any questions prior to booking, please don’t hesitate to contact Alice Abba at


(hear directly from the women who have experienced an adventure with our travel partner WHOA)

“Honestly, the entire trip was amazing, it way beyond exceeded my expectations. I have lifetime memories with an incredible group of women in a truly spectacular country. I have never done a group travel trip, but I wanted to travel somewhat solo and put myself in situations that I normally wouldn't. I was hesitant about traveling with a group of all women, and strangers. But I'm so glad I did! Everyone got along really well, and we became a little family during the two weeks we spent together."


“A mantra of mine has always been 'It's about the journey, not the destination.' Kilimanjaro made this saying fully true to me. The summit was incredible but it was when I looked back during my descent that I acknowledged my accomplishment. It wasn't the last step up to the summit, my accomplishment was pushing through each and everyday on the mountain, the journey, not the destination."


"I left on Christmas Eve a solo traveller and came back with 26 new friends and a new Tanzanian family…I didn't realize just how healing and rewarding it was going to be. I learnt to not carry unnecessary baggage around with you, both physically, on the mountain and metaphorically! Something I have taken home with and continuing to live by."


"I really loved our group of women, as that was a big part of what I was looking forward to: New connections with strong, independent, fearless ladies…This trip did not disappoint in that department, and of course now I feel like I have made some truly lifelong connections"


"I went in with the idea that I was there for self discovery and to learn things about myself & my inner strength. I fully intended to do this on my own. Not until I met the girls (Nicole, Kayla and Emilie) did I realize they would be the people to help me find my inner strength that everyone has told me about. Spending the days out on the mountain with these positive, like-minded women made the trip what it was for me."


"This experience has filled me with gratitude…I want to complain less, do more and follow my heart. Despite what we see on the news, the world really is filled with love...Never in my wildest dreams would have imagined I could climb one of the seven summits. I just assumed I didn't have what it takes. But I did it - and this has truly changed my life in so many ways. I can do anything!"


"The entire trip was the best experience I have ever had and I am very glad I took this trip. I was pushed further and accomplished more then I even knew I could. I am very grateful that this company exists because it empowered me as a woman and inspired me to take life by the horns and experience life to fullest! This trip taught me to step beyond my comfort zone and really enjoy life and all that it has to offer."


"I was surprised how quickly all the girls became so close. I feel like we bonded from day 1 and continued to get closer, as going through something that's challenging like this where you can only rely on each other with no real connection to the outside world (no cell phones) is such a bonding experience."


Chamonix (Tour du Mont Blanc)

Tour Du Mont Blanc